Orange Juice Lovers About to Get Squeezed at the Register

By FOXBusiness

After this winter’s freezing temperatures took their toll on Florida’s citrus crops, Tropicana announced this week it will raise its prices on certain juices between 4-8%. This is the second year in a row the company had a smaller crop than expected, Tropicana said.

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In a Food Emporium supermarket in New York City, a carton of Tropicana (NYSE:PEP) orange juice costs $5.39. Simply Orange juice is the second-highest priced at $5.29 and Florida’s Natural cartons cost $4.89. With a 4% price spike, Manhattan shoppers can be paying $5.60 for Tropicana, and with the 8% spike it can cost $5.82.

Although consumers will be shelling out more for their daily glass of O.J., the price spike isn’t enough to deter them from purchasing it-- at least not yet. Rennae Hoare, a Manhattan resident, said Tropicana is her go-to brand, because she prefers her juice fresh and with pulp. Other brands are made from concentrate.

Hoare said she tends to buy about one carton per week, and tries to look out for Tropicana, especially when it is on sale.

“I will probably still buy orange juice, but I may go for a cheaper brand,” she said.

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Long Island resident Manny Castellanos, who stocks juices at Food Emporium, said prices are noticeably rising, but shoppers can find sales on their juice. Castellanos said he drinks Tropicana's Heart Healthy juice because it has more calcium than competitors’ juices.

“You have to look for sales first,” he said.

If worst comes to worst, though, Castellanos said he does have a back-up plan.

“Maybe I will stop by Queens on my way home and pick up some oranges, and my wife can squeeze the juice fresh,” he said.

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