OnSale: Barcodes, Beatles and Baubles

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The next time you find a new favorite bottle of wine, don't bother writing down the details. Cor.kz Wine Info, a leader in wine research for mobile devices, has a new app for Apple's (AAPL) iPhone to help you keep track of a much-loved Brunello or Bordeaux.

Cor.kz has licensed technology into a barcode reader and teamed up with CellarTracker and Wine-Searcher to bring you the latest information on any bottle you choose. Simply take a photo of the barcode on the wine label with your iPhone, and the Cor.kz app will search the database and list the wines associated with the barcode you scanned. Then you pick the appropriate label, and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it will cost you. The app costs $3.99 and is only available for iPhone. But don't worry -- Cor.kz will soon be releasing a Blackberry version and they're working hard to accommodate Google's (GOOG) Android, too.

More from the Beatles

Apple Corps Ltd, MTV Games and Harmonix have another installment of The Beatles: Rock Band.

The 1965 album, Rubber Soul, is now available for purchase at The Beatles: Rock Band Music Store. Rubber Soul is the third album from The Beatles since the game launched in September. Rock Band fans may now work their music skills to "Drive My Car," "I'm Looking Through You," and "In My Life." Rubber Soul Album DLC for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system is also available now, as individual song singles and also as a complete album. You can also get it for your Wii system as individual songs, and for PlayStation3 on Thursday.

Moon, Stars, and Custom Jewelry

If you're looking to give a one-of-a-kind gift, custom jewelry from an independent designer is always a great way to go.

For a special mother or grandmother, check out the latest from Luna and Stella. Founder Suzanne Ellis is ringing in the holidays with Crescent Moon Stacking Birthstone rings, one for each family member or close friend. Rings start at $38. The custom-design Moon and Stars Birthstone Necklace is also available and ready to ship within five business days for silver and 10 business days for gold.

Go to lunaandstella.com to start building your own pieces. OnSale fans can get free shipping if they enter code FOXBIZ at checkout.

Another designer, Andrea Corson, had a booth at Martha Stewart's Holiday Craft Sale where she showed off some of her best one-of-a-kind pieces. She has boutiques in New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Texas, to name a few. Check out other locations, along with her complete line, at andreacorson.com.

And custom jewelry designer Heidi Britz just launched a Web site full of her handmade baubles, made with natural gemstones and sterling silver, among other materials. Visit heidibritz.com to view the entire collection.

Free Shipping Online

If you're doing all of your holiday shopping online, make sure you take advantage of great free shipping deals before they expire.

The last day for free shipping at Amazon.com is tomorrow, December 17. Apple.com is offering free shipping until Saturday, December 19 and you can get free shipping for Barnes and Noble (BKS) through Sunday, December 20. Check out a full list, plus additional deals, at FreeShipping.info.

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