Ommwriter for iPad Provides Distraction-Free Writing: Mobile Monday

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In todays world of word processors that can pretty much do everything short of curing cancer, some people long for a simpler, distraction-free typing experience. Enter Ommwriter. While its been in the Mac App Store for some time, Ommwriter has now made its big debut on the iPad, aiming to give mobile users a more writing-focused text editor. Pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and youve got everything you need for hassle-free writing on the go, assuming the noise from high-maintenance tall, light, soy, mocha frappuccino orders at your local Starbucks dont distract you too much.

Designed for iPad | $4.99 | See Ommwriter in the App Store

The Hit List

No, its not a mob game. Rather, The Hit List aims at helping you whack each and every task youve got to get done each day. But while so many to-do apps out there force you to make your first task be learning how to use them, The Hit List tries to keep it easy. As simple as keeping a list of things to do as you would on a piece of paper, says the app developer. The app also syncs with its desktop counterpart The Hit List for Mac, which is available in the Mac App Store.

Designed for iPhone | $9.99 (requires $1.99 monthly subscription or $19.99 annually) | See The Hit List in the App Store


Microsofts (NASDAQ:MSFT) updated Bing app for iPad lets you search in a way you never have before: with your finger. A search box is no longer necessary to look up the definition of that word youve forgotten since studying for the SATs. Just draw a circle around it, using Bings new Lasso feature, to search for a word or phrase in a few as two steps. The app also adds the ability to view multiple days of showtimes when looking at movie listings and several performance improvements.

Designed for iPad | Free See Bing in the App Store

Google Maps

The latest update for Google Maps might make getting around your city easier for you, especially if youre using public transportation like subways and buses. Google Maps 5.7 adds a new Transit Navigation feature that can help you navigate through the streets and tunnels of more than 400 cities. It can even let you know when your stop is about to come up, much like using turn-by-turn navigation in your car.

Free | See Google Maps in the Marketplace

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

While iOS users have had the power of the Merriam-Webster dictionary in their pockets for a while, Android users have been left out. No more, though, as the dictionary has finally made its way to the Android platform. The app offers a voice search (assuming you know how to pronounce the word youre looking up) and doesnt require an Internet connection to work. In addition to pulling up definitions of words, Merriam-Websters app will also show you synonyms and antonyms.

Free | See Merriam-Webster Dictionary in the Marketplace

OfficeMax Mobile Print Center

Lets say you need to print something once in a blue moon, but dont want to spend the money on a printer you know youll barely use. Sure, you could wait until you get into the office and use the printer there, but you cant always afford to wait that long, especially if youve got a coupon to print for Macys one-day sale. OfficeMax might have a solution for you. The office supply stores Mobile Printer Center app will let you not only send print jobs to OfficeMaxs print center for you to pick up, but also let you look up past orders and find a store near you. Mobile Print Center is also available for iOS.

Free | See OfficeMax Mobile Print Center in the Marketplace

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