Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm: Stop Overregulating Industry Today in America

Donald Trump received another powerful endorsement this week.

Billionaire oil tycoon and Continental Resources Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm announced his support for the GOP frontrunner, and joined Mornings with Maria on the FOX Business Network to discuss why he is supporting the real estate mogul-turned politician.

“The basic belief that he’s tapped into here in America is that America can be strong again. We can be great again. And American people are reacting to that. I believe we should all stand up for him. He’s doing the right stuff. He’s worked very hard. It’s been a grueling race but he’s persevered, so yes, I am here for him,” Hamm said.

He added: “People are so discouraged with what they’ve seen with [the Obama] Administration. Basically, Hillary Clinton would bring more of the same. They’re ready for a change. They’re ready for somebody that has the courage and willpower to make the changes necessary to do what’s right for this country. That’s what he’s tapped into.”

Hamm commented on how government regulations impact both Pennsylvania and the energy industry in its entirety.

“We’ve been regulated to death in this industry—we call it death by a thousand cuts,” he said. “You can’t regulate all of business out of business in the U.S. It makes us more dependent on the Middle East and everywhere else. We’ve got a great thing with energy today in America. Pennsylvania is a big part of that and they realize it. The Marcellus [shale gas field] is a great play… clean and abundant natural gas… 200-year supply. We need to stop overregulating industry today in America.”