O’Hare Protester Told Not to Talk to Media

FBN's Jeff Flock defended his role as a reporter on Tuesday, when he confronted a man who advised an interviewee not to speak on live television.

Flock was set to interview a female worker named Diana who was participating in the strike at O’Hare International Airport. However, Diana told Flock that she was “advised not to talk” to him, allegedly by a member of the Service Employees International Union.

The man who allegedly told her not to talk would not comment on camera to the FOX Business Network.

However, later, Diana spoke to Flock and explained her situation.

“I work for a company called Scrub [Inc.] and I’ve been out here for 16 years and I make about a little over $11 an hour. And we work seven hours a night. There’s no holiday pay or anything of that nature,” she said.

The airport workers, employed by third-party contractors, are striking for union rights and a $15 minimum wage.