Odell Beckham Jr. wears a $350K watch, but this Hall of Famer wants him to actually deliver

Odell Beckham Jr. may have worn a $350,000 watch this past Sunday, but the Cleveland Browns wide receiver showed little flash let alone substance in his team’s Week 1 loss. And now, he is drawing criticism not just for the fashion statement but also his lack of production.

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Beckham had seven catches for 71 yards with no touchdowns as the Browns got thumped by the Tennessee Titans. It wasn’t a bad performance from Beckham, acquired during the offseason by the Browns in a trade with the New York Giants. But it was still a ho-hum afternoon for the star wide receiver.

And given the ostentatious touch he showed in wearing a Richard Mille wristwatch, the underwhelming output on the field is leading to major criticism around the league.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is introduced as he runs out on the field before an NFL football game against the Tennessee Titans, in Cleveland, Sept. 8, 2019. (Ron Schwane/AP)

Surprisingly, some of that criticism is coming from Warren Sapp. The former NFL defensive lineman, who was once fined $75,000 in a game for repeated unsportsmanlike conduct, thinks that Beckham needs to start playing like the star wide receiver he once was and focus on touchdowns, not bling.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Sapp took issue with Beckham’s conduct, not his wardrobe.

“You can’t wear a $350,000 watch and play like a $2 bill. That don’t get it done. It was a nice-looking watch - matched the uniform and everything,” Sapp said. “But I’d love to see you in the end zone, dancing or something. C’mon, man.”

Not only did the Browns move a lot of pieces to acquire Beckham this offseason to bolster their offense, but there is also a considerable investment being made in terms of his contract. Beckham is earning $17 million this year, a number that makes him the second highest-paid wide receiver in the league this year.

Sammy Watkins, the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL this year, did what he was supposed to do and led all wide receivers in receiving in Week 1 with 198 yards and three touchdowns. All told, 26 players in Week 1 registered 100 or more receiving yards, underscoring Beckham’s disappointing lack of production.

“You want to talk about your watch? The score is my concern,” Sapp said. “Whenever I hear one of these prima donnas put their issue in a team statement, then I’d be a little more accepting about it.”