O.J. Simpson deserves his parole, says former prison guard

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"Guarding the Juice" author Jeffrey Felix tells FOX Business’ Kennedy that O.J. Simpson is in a “bad frame of mind” after learning the media would be covering his parole hearing.

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"He knows all the media hype about him is negative. So, he feels that [the prison] administration is fostering a circus-like environment for his parole hearing, and they’re exploiting him,” Felix said.

Felix said that Simpson has been nothing but a role model inmate and enjoyed the time he got to spend with the prisoner while serving as a guard at Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center.

“O.J. deserves his parole,” he said.

He said this time around, Simpson’s parole hearing would be handled by a more conservative board.

“The last time he saw the southern board which is way more liberal…this time he’s going in front of the northern board,” he said.

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