NY Jets Owner Johnson Talks About Jeb Bush’s Presidential Bid

NY Jets owner Woody Johnson, who is also the Presidential Campaign Finance Chairman for Jeb Bush discussed the state of Bush’s presidential bid with Maria Bartiromo on the FOX Business Network.

NY Jets owner and Jeb Bush Presidential Campaign Finance Chairman Woody Johnson joins FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria to discuss the state of Jeb Bush’s presidential bid.

Johnson first addressed  Bush’s lag in Republican polls.

“When people are ready to listen to a serious candidate, like the next Commander-in-Chief, if they look at the speech Bush made at the Citadel, as an example, and you can look it up on the internet. But if you look at that speech you see a Commander-in-Chief, particularly after Paris and that Russian plane that was knocked down, you’ll see somebody you want to learn more about.”

“I think completely ignore the polls, the polls are not looking at who’s going to be the nominee,” Johnson said, ‘…as we get closer to the time when people are actually going to push the ballot button, or the caucus button, then we’ll get a better interpretation.” Johnson also graded Jeb Bush’s performance in the last Republican debate.

“I give him a solid B,” said Johnson, I think we can always do better, where I went to school noboby got A’s, the highest you could get was a B so a solid B is a very good grade.”

Johnson also discussed whether Jeb Bush’s standing in the polls are making his donors nervous.

“Everybody’s always nervous in the primary, but no, I’ve been making calls all around the country and after the last debate that you were a part of, no, they were engaged, they’re positive, they’re all in, there’s no defections or if there are defections it’s kind of a normal thing but no, we’re doing very, very well.”