Notre Dame's Lou Holtz Coaches Trump

Legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz pledged his support for Donald Trump on Monday via Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). He told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto why he’s in Trump’s corner and offered him some advice.

“Our economy is struggling a little bit -- don’t tell me about the unemployment rate… when we have less people working today than we did 40-years ago… and over the last 8 years we’ve doubled the budget… There was just a time for an outsider,” he said.

Holtz made his announcement a few days after former Hoosier head coach Bobby Knight backed the presumed GOP presidential nominee in Indiana.

“[Trump] is not politically correct and everybody in the country like me, I think, is just tired of everybody having to… say the right thing and that’s not what made this country great,” he said.

He also discussed Trump’s demeanor.

“The comments he made I thought were completely out of line. I don’t believe you have to belittle people. I think you need to sell yourself but humility is not thinking of yourself. Humility is thinking more of other people… I don’t agree with that but then again he’s the guy,” he said.

Holtz then offered Donald Trump advice.

“Be presidential and care about people. The president of the United States represents all people not just the poor, not just the immigrants. It represents all people, the successful people as well… and show people kindness,” he said.