North Korea, Russia, China and Iran not the only cyber threat: Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Ray Kelly, former New York City Police Department Commissioner, said Russia, China, Iran and North Korea may be big contributors to cybercrimes, but warned of a much bigger problem.

“You have these sorts of Ocean’s 11 teams that are in places like in Eastern Europe and other locations. They will scour the internet. They will look at Facebook information… Use that information to get into your personal information,” Kelly told Maria Bartiromo during an appearance on FOX Business.

According to Kelly, who now serves as the vice chairman of K2 Intelligence, an investigative, compliance and cyber defense services firm, only about 20% of the Internet is registered, which leads to other vulnerabilities.

“It’s the 80%... the dark web... all sorts of bad things go on down there. It’s a marketplace.” he said, adding that you can purchase services to attack a company. “You have to know how to get in there. You have to know a specific address, but that marketplace is turning all the time and there’s no controls.”

While it’s hard to completely combat the cyber threat, Kelly puts the onus on CEOs to set security policies and educate employees to prevent future attacks.

“About 80% of intrusions are the result of carelessness on the part of employees and they need advice. They need to consult reputable cyber companies,” he said.