NFL shouldn’t be about kneeling, LaVar Ball says

Big Baller founder LaVar Ball said on Saturday the focus during an NFL game should not be on players kneeling during the national anthem, but rather the match between two teams.

“It shouldn’t be about who wants to stand and who wants to kneel,” Ball told Neil Cavuto during an interview on “Cavuto Live.” “It should be about the sporting event … not to make it a big political thing.”

The NFL announced last month that team owners agreed to a new policy mandating players stand if they are on the field while the national anthem is performed, though it also offers players the option to stay in the locker room if they choose.

Ball, who made headlines last year for his war of words with President Donald Trump, also commented on former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s announcement that he would be traveling to Singapore for what Rodman called "the historical summit” between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“He's just a nut,” Ball said of Rodman. “He doesn't know what to do with himself. He's irrelevant right now so he’s trying to do something, anything. He don't even think before he talks, he just blurts out stuff. I ain't got no beef with him, I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.”