NFL Quarterback Drew Brees Eyes Boxing World

He led the New Orleans Saints to victory in Super Bowl XLIV in 2009, earning him the title of Most Valuable Player.

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Now NFL quarterback Drew Brees is hoping to lead consumers to the boxing ring as the new co-owner of the fitness franchise, Title Boxing Club.

“Well, I’ve always been a fitness buff,” Brees tells “And, I was really impressed with the brand itself and the direction that it was going. So, it was really a tremendous opportunity for me.”

Title Boxing Club, which offers boxing and kickboxing classes (there’s no fighting), was founded in 2008 by former professional boxer Danny Campbell. Last year, Inc. Magazine ranked the company as the No.1 fastest-growing franchise after jumping from 20 clubs to around 150 of them nationwide in the last three years.

“We have roughly 200 locations under development right now,” John Rotche, CEO of Title Boxing Club tells “We’re in 36 states and Mexico with big plans to go international as well.”

Rotche says he met Brees when he spoke at the University of Michigan’s School of Business to a bunch of NFL athletes who were looking to transition from the game at some point and diversify their revenue stream.

“Drew was sitting in the front row taking notes, more than anymore else in the class,” he says. “And, afterwards we formed a relationship and then when the opportunity presented itself for Title Boxing to come in as partner, I called him.”

Brees is no stranger to the franchising world either. He’s a co-owner of a Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich franchise in New Orleans, where he currently has eight locations and employs over 250 people. He’s also on the ownership side of Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar.

“What I love about franchising is that it gives people the opportunity to own their own business without having to go through the process of taking some crazy idea that they had and then go through the process of creating a business,” says Brees.

While he’s not throwing in the towel on his football career any time soon, he says he is just enjoying the opportunity to learn about building businesses.

“To be part of a brand like Title Boxing, makes me really feel like it’s not only making a difference for people that end up becoming franchisees but also the members themselves, who see the transformations that they go through both physically, mentally, and emotionally and that’s the most rewarding part of it.”