NFL owners would be crazy not to renew Goodell's contract: Judge Napolitano

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Goodell made NFL owners richer: Judge Napolitano

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract demands.

NFL owners would be crazy not to renew NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.”

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Goodell has requested $49.5 million per year, in addition to the lifetime use of a private jet and health insurance for his family during their lifespan, according to a report by ESPN.

Though the national anthem protests have been a public relations disaster for the NFL, as ratings have dropped, the Fox News senior judicial analyst emphasized how important Goodell is to NFL owners.

“Up to this year he has helped make these billionaires richer, he has given them a tremendous return on their investment,” Napolitano told Maria Bartiromo.

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Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has threatened to sue the NFL if negotiations concerning Goodell’s contract extension are finalized without approval from all NFL team owners.

Jones was removed from having a role Goodell’s contract negotiations after the rest of the owners were informed of Jones’s intent to sue.

“So the new compensation committee … has all the authority to negotiate with Roger Goodell and if Jerry Jones sues, I think it will be frivolous because when he bought the Dallas Cowboys he agreed to accept the NFL rules and the rules are the compensation committee, not all 32 owners, decide the commissioner’s salary,” he said.

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