This NYC apartment costs $85M but it comes with a trip to space

This New York City apartment will set you back $85 million but comes with a number of perks including season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets and two tickets on a trip to space.  (Daniel Neiditch/ River 2 River)

This New York City apartment comes with a high price tag but also includes a number of perks including luxury cars and two round-trip tickets to space.

The apartment in the Atelier Building in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen costs a cool $85 million. However, the buyer is guaranteed two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, a Lamborghini, dinner for two at the exclusive, two-Michelin-star restaurant Daniel, a $1 million yacht, a butler, private chef and the tickets to space, according to The New York Times.

The apartment was listed third on Curbed New York's "NYC's 25 most expensive homes for sale."  (Daniel Neiditch/ River 2 River)

Considering the cost of a space flight (amid the other perks), the apartment is technically up for less than the $85 million it's listed as.

A seat on Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two will cost you $250,000, according to NBC News while a report by Reuters listed tickets on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepherd at $200,000 to $300,000. The vessel is designed to fly six people about 62 miles above Earth to “experience a few minutes of weightlessness,” according to Reuters.

Curbed New York listed the apartment third on its “NYC’s 25 most expensive homes for sale.” The most expensive home was a penthouse in Woolworth Building’s pinnacle. The cheapest apartment on the list clocked in at $45 million.

The apartment went up for sale more than a year ago and made headlines for the price and benefits.

The building is located in New York City's Hell's Kitchen.  (Daniel Neiditch/ River 2 River)

Daniel Neiditch, a broker and president of River 2 River Realty, told The Times that the area the apartment was located in “was a terrible place to be” 20 years ago. He told the media outlet that he was not only selling a home but “an immersive experience.”

“Dinner at Daniel’s gives them a place they can go to,” Neiditch told The New York Times. “Courtside seats to the Nets gives them sports. They’ll have cars. They’ll be able to go out to the Hamptons without having to look for a place.”


Neiditch said there had been a “discussion with one would-be-buyer” of the apartment but the person in question wanted a private elevator. The building has four elevators and making one private was not possible, he said. He did not identify the potential buyer. The broker also said a date for the trip to space was not scheduled as of yet.

The apartment has been on the market for a year. (Daniel Neiditch/ River 2 River)

“But you’ll have two seats on that, which is just a cool perk to have,” he said.