New Google+ Rolling Out to Everyone

Haven't signed into Google+ in a while? Not surprising, as Google itself seems to have moved away from the fledgling social network. But it's not dead yet, and some big changes are afoot.

After introducing a fully redesigned version of Google+ in preview in November, Google is now rolling out the revamped service to everyone. The new version should reach all Google+ users over the next few days, according to Google Product Manager Danielle Buckley.

If change is tough, don't fret. For now, you can still toggle back to the classic Google+ you're used to.

The updated service focuses on interests, putting Communities and Collections—two of the most requested features—front and center. With these changes, Google+ wants to make it easier to meet people who share your passions.

Early evidence suggests users are actually digging the changes. Since Google rolled out the preview version, users are collectively following twice as many Collections per day, Buckley said. The number of new Community joins has also jumped; Google now logs 1.6 million per day, up from 1.2 million in November.

Meanwhile, Google+ is getting some more new features this week, including support for links and photos in comments. Community owners and moderators, meanwhile, will have more control over who posts what with a new "approved posting" feature, Buckley said.

Google is also launching a new notifications center on the Web where you can see and manage your recent Google+ activity. These new features will be available on the Web, Android, and iOS "in the coming weeks," Buckley said.

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