New England Patriots Owner Bob Kraft: We'll Build a Bridge Over Trump's Wall

Just days before the New England Patriots square off against the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas this weekend, the FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman interviewed New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who took some time away from prepping for the big game to talk about his hopes for the Trump administration.

“I think that working class people and poor people really have seen their standard of living going down, which isn’t good for anyone. I hope that the new administration’s policies are Catalyst litigation to creating new jobs, good paying jobs that can filter into the inner cities and help everyone have a chance and then we have to do something about education,” Kraft said.

Next year, the Patriots will head south of the border to compete against the Raiders in Mexico City. Amid current political tensions between the two countries, Kraft says he hopes the game can unite citizens.

“I lobbied hard to get that game. We have a huge fan club in Mexico and I think actually our game in some way, we’re going to try to figure out how that can help our two countries. Our cultures are intertwined, between Canada and Mexico, they are our two most important allies to have… We have more things pulling for us to be positive and work together,” Kraft said.

While Kraft is hopeful his team may win another Super Bowl ring this year, he does have one missing from his arsenal. After the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory in 2005, Patriot owner Robert Kraft paid a visit to Russia where Vladimir Putin stole his $25,000 championship ring.

“If we have the privilege of winning another one [Super Bowl] maybe we make a ring for him [Vladimir Putin] with five and maybe we can do a trade…It has emotional value, we thought about making one with his name on it… I hope like Mexico, Russia and the U.S. can have better relations they have a lot of nuclear missiles pointed to the east coast, I think we got to chill…He can have any ring he wants, as long as he treats America well,” Kraft said.