‘Never Enough’ Book Explores Donald Trump's Pursuit of Success

Love him or hate him Donald Trump commands the public’s attention everywhere he goes. The braggadocios billionaire continues to take the political world by storm as the GOP front-runner in the 2016 race for the White House.

“He is a master of getting attention, a master of making his point and then if he has to explain it a little bit later, he will but he usually doubles down,” said Michael D’Antonio, author of “Never Enough”.

The Pulitzer prize-winning writer sat down with FOXBusiness.com’s Elizabeth Chmurak to discuss his new book, which hit stores Tuesday. He interviewed Trump for more than 10 hours, several months before his official presidential run announcement. He says the book explores Donald Trump’s life on a personal and public level.

“He has a certain way of doing business; it’s almost like it’s his game and he knows what shot he wants to take at all times. So he can let it rip and that’s what people are seeing on the campaign trail,“ said D’Antonio.

Trump hopes his support from primary voters will secure him the Republican nomination. In a field littered with traditional politicians, Trump stands out with big promises and unfiltered statements.

“He does admit that to some degree this is a method, that is calculating, so he’ll say: ‘look I could say the right thing.’ It’s funny that’s how he described it to me: ‘I know what the right thing to say is but that’s not going to get me on TV.’ No one’s going to listen so he will say something that’s a little further,” said D’Antonio.

In the book, he explains The Donald’s germ phobia, his sensitivity to personal attacks and where his fight to win mentality comes from.

“I think his father had high expectations, I think he demanded a lot from Donald and his other children. They all achieved at a high level, but Donald has gone further than one could imagine,” said D’Antonio.

He says Trump’s “bully” tactics could be interpreted as lacking compassion, which in return could be problematic when dealing with diplomacy and difficult times.

“Should our nation suffer a terrible tragedy, is he the person that is going to comfort us? This is something George Bush did well with 9/11, I think President Obama has done well, certainly we knew Bill Clinton felt our pain. I never saw that side of Donald but I hope it is there,” said D’Antonio.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this book.