Need some extra cash? Here are 10 high-paying side hustles

Already have a day job but still looking to make some extra cash — these side hustles could be your next move.

Job search website FlexJobs just released its list of high-paying freelance positions ahead of the summer break and positions as a curriculum writer or business consultant topped this year’s list at $50 an hour.

Rachel Jay, senior career writer for the site, says in order to score one of these side jobs, it’s important to brand yourself as someone with a niche.

“Make sure you sell yourself as the person to fill their particular need,” Jay tells FOX Business.

“This means creating multiple resumes to focus on that particular skill or job. Job seekers would also be wise to research companies that have a history of offering side jobs, such as freelance or part-time work.”

Jay adds that the best part of a side gig is the hours, which can range anywhere from a few hours per week, up to 20-plus hours.

Here are the top 10 high-paying side hustles, according to FlexJobs.

1)     Accountant

      Pay: $25/hour

       Type of flexibility: Part-time, freelance, telecommute

Accountants can use their financial know-how to earn money on the side with part-time, freelance, and remote work options. These positions typically involve handling accounts payable and receivable, overseeing payroll and analyzing balance sheets.

2)    Bookkeeper

       Pay: Up to $19/hour

       Type of flexibility: Temporary, flexible schedule, part-time

Bookkeepers typically perform bank reconciliations, yearend closing duties, payroll, financial reports and more. Knowledge of QuickBooks is required by many employers.

3)    Business Consultant

        Pay: $48/hour

       Type of flexibility: Part-time, telecommute, freelance

With an expertise in a particular area, business consultants typically work with an organization to handle questions, review processes and improve performance.

4)    Copy Editor/Writer

       Pay: Up to $17/hour

       Type of flexibility: Temporary, part-time, telecommute

If you have a strong eye for detail and grammar mistakes, a copy editor/writer position could be an ideal way to make money in your free time. Editors/writers typically create content and edit others’ work to ensure it is error-free.

5)    Curriculum Writer

        Pay: $50/hour

       Type of flexibility: Temporary, part-time, telecommute

Curriculum writers are needed to develop curriculum and teaching guides that are used within a classroom. These positions sometimes require previous teaching experience.

6)    Freelance Photographer

       Pay: Up to $20/hour

       Type of flexibility: Temporary, part-time, freelance

Photographers can find great side jobs where they will use their photography skills to take photos, which may include product photos, real estate photos, catalog photos and more.

7)    Lead Generation Specialist

       Pay: $20/hour

      Type of flexibility: Freelance, part-time, telecommute

Lead generation specialists typically prospect, qualify and generate appointments for a variety of companies and business-development teams.

8)    Online Communications Associate

       Pay: Up to $25/hour

      Type of flexibility: Telecommute, part-time

This position often involves posting to social media, creating communication strategies, writing and more. The nature of this job allows for great part-time and remote-work options.

9)    Project Manager

       Pay: Up to $43/hour

       Type of flexibility: Part-time, freelance

Project managers can find part-time or freelance jobs where their skills are used to oversee timelines, track budgets, coordinate team members and more.

10)   Sign Language Interpreter

        Pay: $36.50/hour

        Type of flexibility: Part-time

Sign language interpreters with a proper license can find part-time jobs where they assist those with hearing impairments facilitate communication through use of sign language.