Nebraska Governor: Worst flooding damage in our state's history

Historic floods have devastated parts of the Midwest, in particular, the state of Nebraska.

At least 74 cities and 65 counties in the Cornhusker State have declared emergencies over the flooding.

“What we're seeing is just widespread destruction to public infrastructure, to homes, to businesses. This really is the biggest disaster, as far as damage, we've ever faced in our state,” Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) told F OX Business' Stuart Varney on Wednesday.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue said more than a million calves have been lost from the flood damage.

“Just from an agricultural standpoint, we think we've got at least $400 million in livestock losses, $440 million in crop losses, we think the public infrastructure damage is in the hundreds of millions of dollars as well,” Gov. Ricketts said.

The state filed paperwork for federal disaster relief funds.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX BUSINESS APP When asked about the lack of media coverage, Ricketts said, “We're very independent here in Nebraska and what we want to do is make sure we're keeping people safe.”

He added, “Certainly we want people to know that we've got a very serious situation here in Nebraska, but we're used to that pioneer spirit of getting things done.”