NASCAR Legends Waltrip, Gordon Gear Up for Daytona 500

As the biggest race of the year approaches, two NASCAR legends Daryl Waltrip and Jeff Gordon, joined FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney to discuss Daytona 500 and the transition from driver to analyst.

“It’s a huge transition from the car to the booth and Jeff is experiencing it. I experienced it 16 years ago. My first race was at Daytona 500 in 2001 when we lost Dale Earnhardt and that was a huge day for our sport and for me. I’ve never done anything of the magnitude of that,” Waltrip said.

Recently, FOX Sports announced a five-year deal with NextVR to deliver live virtual reality broadcasts.

“FOX is bringing some incredible technology the Daytona 500 that going to give people a whole new perspective,” Gordon said.

Gordon also shared his thoughts on Chase Elliot, son of a Hall of Famer Bill Elliott, who plans to sit on his No. 24 Chevy in Sunday’s race.

“I am rooting for him. Being on the Hendrick’s team for so many years throughout my whole career, knowing he’s replacing me and I think he’s a superstar,” said Gordon.

The two drivers also shared their thoughts on the 2016 race if it were to come down to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

“I like Kyle Bush in the 18 car how’s that?” Waltrip said.

“Yeah I like Dale Earnhardt Jr.,” added Gordon.