Murray Energy CEO: The Coal Industry Could Go From Bad to Worse

Robert Murray, CEO of the Murray Energy Company, said the clean energy “routine” of Hillary Clinton is “all about money.”

“She’s getting millions of dollars of campaign contributions from the [J.B.] Pritzkers, the [Warren] Buffetts…the [Elon] Musks, who are making billions of dollars manufacturing windmills in China, manufacturing solar panels in China, but getting a four cent-a-kilowatt hour tax credit from the government. She wants to continue that, they want to continue that,” Murray said during an interview on the FOX Business Network.

A Clinton Presidency and more regulations, he cautioned, would continue to harm the coal industry, consumers and the economy.

“That couple on fixed-income depends on reliable, low-cost electricity. So does the manufacturer of every product in America.”

Murray has been a longtime vocal advocate for the coal industry following a string of bankruptcies including the largest, Peabody Energy, earlier this year.

“As the coal industry is destroyed, so will reliable, low-cost electricity in America. People are not going to wake up though until they freeze in the dark,” he warned.