Money Problems Push Lindsay Lohan to Steal?

Lindsay Lohan is in hot water again, this time she’s accused of stealing high-end jewelry.

Lohan was reportedly photographed wearing a $2,500 necklace which had been reported stolen. According to reports, Lohan claimed she was given permission by the owner of Kamofie & Company to take the necklace on loan, but the business owner begged to differ. Los Angeles Police requested a search warrant for her Venice Beach, Calif. home to search for the bling on Tuesday, but by then it had been handed in by an associate of Lohan’s, according to reports. The troubled starlet is currently on probation for a 2007 DUI charge, and under investigation for the alleged assault of a Betty Ford Clinic staffer during her latest say in rehab.

Although it’s not public information how much money Lohan has in the bank, the fact that she hasn’t worked on a motion picture in some time is not a good sign for someone working as an actress, according to Mary Beth Quirk, associate Web editor for OK! Magazine. She hasn’t had a hit movie since 2005’s “Mean Girls,” and is now more of a liability to directors and not the in-demand star she once was, according to Quirk.

Quirk said in January the magazine interviewed Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, who at that time claimed to be supporting his daughter with, “a lot of money.”

“To be an actress you have to work on movies,” Quirk said. “That is her bread and butter. If your dad, Michael Lohan, who doesn’t do much besides talk about his daughter, is supporting you, it can’t be too good.”

If the alleged theft indeed occurred it may not have been intentional. After being in the business for so long, Lohan has likely become accustomed to receiving clothing and jewelry from designers for free, Quirk said.

“She probably wasn’t even thinking about it, and left with it,” Quirk said of the necklace. “She should be a lot more concerned.”

Lohan’s main source of income today is most likely her clothing line, 6126, and although she undoubtedly made millions in her heyday, it’s unclear how much of that is left, according to Quirk. The facilities she has stayed at during her five trips to rehab are in the tens of thousands for each month, Quirk said, and the designer labels she prefers don’t come cheap either.

“Celebrities aren’t going to H&M,” Quirk said. “They are going to high-end boutiques. For now, she should probably just stick to what is already in her closet.”