Moneto Adds Mastercard PayPass NFC to Any Google Android Smartphone

By Dan GrazianoBGR

This month, DeviceFidelity and Spring Card Systems announced moneto, a new independent NFC payment solution.

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The service delivers NFC capabilities to any Android device with a microSD card.

The card contains an NFC radio and antenna that are encrypted together to deliver MasterCard PayPass technology to any Android smartphone.

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Additionally, moneto has created a unique iPhone case to deliver the service to iOS users as well. The moneto case is currently available for $80, which includes $10.00 of pre-loaded funds.

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The Android microSD card is expected to be available within two to three weeks, and will sell for $30.

All you have to do to use it, is insert the card, attach a small NFC sticker to the inside of your battery case — it helps with the NFC signal — and you’re on your way to credit card-less mobile payments.

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