Mompreneur creates solution to mealtime messes

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and one clever “mompreneur” may be proving this point.

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Lindsey Laurain has three sons, including a set of identical twins. Mealtimes were a challenge -- so she decided to do something about it,

“They were messy, “ the EzPzfounder told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday. “I taped a bowl to a piece of paper, and here we are.”

In just 5 years, Laurain managed to build a successful business, by creating placemat-plates that allows kids to play with their food without creating a huge mess.

“The cool thing about the product," she explained, "is that it self-seals, so as long as no air gets underneath it, kids can’t toss and turn their plates and bowls.”


Laurain added that they are looking to engineer products that aim to "create independent feeders.”

“We have an in house feeding specialist, a speech language pathologist -- they’re all developmentally appropriate," she said.