Mom-and-Pop's Economic Outlook on Table at Denver Conference

The National Association for Business Economics is chairing two panel discussions at this week’s 2011 Allied Social Science Association’s Annual Meeting. The meeting runs January 6 through 9 at the Denver Marriott Hotel in Denver, Col., and the NABE panels are scheduled for  January 7 and 8.

The first panel, “National Association for Business Economics’ Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Forecasting Models and Methods as Currently Practiced,” will be moderated by Duncan Meldrum of IHS Global Insight. Participants are David C. Colander of Middlebury College , Michael T. Kiley of the Federal Reserve Board, David E. Altig of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Daniel Bachman, also of IHS Global Insight. The panel starts at 10:15 a.m. on January 7 in the Pomeroy Room.

The second panel, “NABE’s Dimensions of the Economic Outlook: 2011 to 2015” will be moderated by Kevin Kliesen of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis . Participants are William C. Dunkelberg, of the National Federation of Independent Business, Gene Huang of FedEx, Ellen Hughes-Cromwick of Ford Motor Company and Alison Lynn Reaser of Point Loma University.

Reaser said the Economic Outlook panel is expecting close to 50 attendees, while the conference itself has more than 1,000 on the RSVP list. She said the focus will be on different dimensions of the economic landscape, including productivity, trends, small businesses and the global marketplace.

“It will be a fairly positive outlook for economic activity ahead, with greater focus on the global economy,” she said.

Registration is required. For more information visit Meeting/index.php