Mobilewalla: The Highest Rated Mobile Apps Of 2011

Mobile analytics firm Mobilewalla has ranked the top apps across all four mobile platforms for 2011, using its own ranking system known at the “Mobilewalla Score.” Instead of looking at raw user ratings, this scoring system is an algorithm that analyzes a variety of factors in addition to ratings, including an app’s position within its own category, volume, social media sentiment and more.

The scores are a numerical value between 0 and 100, with a higher score indicating a more successful app. It’s an interesting way to slice the data, and gives a different picture of the app store ecosystem than typical year-end lists do. Those often look solely at download numbers and tend to include apps which have been popular for years – like Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, etc. Other lists, meanwhile, are editorially selected or curated, like some of those we’ve featured here.

The list below is grouped by platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone):

Pixlr-o-matic (Android Free): 97.5 out of 100

Super Stickman Golf: (Android Free): 97.5 out of 100

Smurfs’ Village (Android Free): 97 out of 100

Crime Story (Android Free): 96.4 out of 100

Marvel Comics (Android Free): 96.3 out of 100

MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ (Android Paid): 93.6 out of 100

Dragon, Fly! Full (Android Paid): 92.3 out of 100

Earth And Legend (Android Paid): 92.4 out of 100

Great Little War Game (Android Paid): 92.2 out of 100

SHADOWGUN (Android Paid): 91.8 out of 100 At Bat Lite (Apple Free): 96 out of 100

My Horse (Apple Free): 95.3 out of 100

Family Feud® & Friends (Apple Free): 93.5 out of 100

Funny Videos & Pics by – Free (Apple Free): 92.8 out of 100

MetalStorm: Wingman (Apple Free): 92.3 out of 100

Angry Birds Rio (Apple Paid): 93.9 out of 100

Tiny Wings (Apple Paid): 92.9 out of 100

Craigslist + Notifications. CraigsPro+ Craigslist + Photo Wall + Posting + Photo previews (Apple Paid): 91.7 out of 100

Where’s My Water? (Apple Paid): 91 out of 100

Lock My Photos – Password lock photos & picture data for peace of mind! (Apple Paid): 89.7 out of 100

Bike Baron (Apple Paid): 87.3 out of 100

Memory Booster Pro (BlackBerry Free): 95.1 out of 100

BlackBerry Protect (BlackBerry Free): 95.1 out of 100

Memory Booster (BlackBerry Free): 95 out of 100

AppsLock – Password Protect Applications (Full Version) (BlackBerry Free): 94.7 out of 100

Slider Lock Free – slide to unlock your phone (BlackBerry Free): 94.5 out of 100

Sea Storm Animated Theme 2.0 (BlackBerry Paid): 94.7 out of 100

Love Is Love – Great Offer of Valentine’s Day (BlackBerry Paid): 92 out of 100

Playboy’s Animated Luck O’ The Irish (BlackBerry Paid): 90.4 out of 100

Underwater HD Animated Theme (BlackBerry Paid): 90.1 out of 100

Juicy Girl Theme – On Sale! (BlackBerry Paid): 89.5 out of 100

TuneIn Radio (Windows Phone Free): 96.7 out of 100

Penguin – Dictionary and Thesaurus (Windows Phone Free): 96 out of 100

gMaps (Windows Phone Free): 95.7 out of 100

PhotoFunia (Windows Phone Free): 95.7 out of 100

Phone 8 (Windows Phone Paid): 92.2 out of 100

Weather Live (Windows Phone Paid): 91.7 out of 100

Fuse (Windows Phone Paid): 89 out of 100

iFun (Windows Phone Paid): 89 out of 100

SuperTube (Windows Phone Paid): 88.4 out of 100

Top image: Daniel Y. Go

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