Milwaukee County Sheriff: Mosques Need to be Surveilled

After the Orlando nightclub shooting earlier this month, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claimed the U.S. should start thinking about using racial profiling more often because other countries like Israel have used successfully. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the political spectrum, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called for an end to racial profiling. Sheriff David Clarke told the Fox Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton that “Donald Trump is right on this, not only is he right but he’s talking responsibly. Now Mrs. Clinton is saying she would prohibit federal law enforcement agencies from using these tools.” Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on ‘Fox and Friends’ that profiling should be used if there are hard facts that can lead to the protection of the population.

“Major Giuliani gets it, Donald Trump gets it, I get it, the only people that don’t seem to get it are Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and their policies which tie the hands of federal law enforcement and that’s why they’re not in a real good position to preempt these attacks, “ Clarke said.

He added that large-scale terror attacks should never be able to happen in the U.S. “When a guy takes weeks and he’s out and he has to do a lot of things that set off red flags and you can’t stop that, then I say we have a real problem with our ability to develop warnings intelligence,” he said. Clarke also said that the U.S. should surveil mosques and should not be so concerned with political correctness. “Terror is an unconventional enemy and you have to use unconventional means legally, to preempt, prevent and reasonably predict terror attacks,” he said.