Why millennials are drinking less beer and sipping more wine, spirits

Millennials may not be drinking as much, but they are drinking higher-quality booze, according to one executive from a best-selling premium vodka brand.

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“They kind of move away from beer towards wine and spirits,” said Grey Goose North America Vice President Martin de Dreuille during an interview on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.” “What they want to find out is what are these brands and these products with the best ingredients because they want to know what they drink ... They really are much more conscious about their drinking.”

For Grey Goose, the trend, de Dreuille added, is very good news.

“We have an amazing opportunity being also a super-premium vodka. They want to drink premium products as well,” he said.


Despite a slight decline in the U.S., the Grey Goose brand continues to grow globally and still ranks No. 1 in the super-premium vodka market, owning a 50 percent market share, according to de Dreuille.

“It's the brand that reached such a level -- the fastest ever in the spirits category,” he said.