Microsoft Seeks Closer Partnerships With Chinese Firms

Microsoft Corp. has forged closer partnerships with Chinese companies as the market environment has changed, said Alain Crozier, the company's chairman for Greater China.

"You have to change your business model," said Mr. Crozier, speaking at The Wall Street Journal's D.Live conference in Hong Kong on Friday. "I share maybe more than I used to share."

In May, the software company said it completed a version of Windows 10 customized for the Chinese government through a joint-venture with CETC, a state-owned company. That version has yet to be listed on the Chinese government's procurement list, which would green light it for widespread adoption.

The customized version of Windows 10 marks "a very big change in how Microsoft approaches the market," he said.

It matter required close cooperation with the Chinese government and CETC, he said.

Mr. Crozier said customers can better protect themselves against cyberattacks like WannaCry by updating their software. China and Russia were hit hard in the WannaCry attacks, as large numbers of users were still running old or pirated versions of Windows, according to cybersecurity experts.

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June 09, 2017 05:17 ET (09:17 GMT)