Michael Dukakis Dishes on Trump & Sanders

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Dukakis on economy, Bernie Sanders, and Trump

Former Governor Michael Dukakis, (D-Mass.), on the economy and the race for the White House.

With the New Hampshire primary only a day away, former Massachusetts governor and 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis shared his thoughts on how the current economy and state of the stock market could impact the 2016 presidential election.

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“I think the fundamentals we are seeing now look pretty good,” Dukakis said. “We are rapidly approaching full employment. I think that’s a good thing, I think it’s going to continue. I think that’s a lot more important to people [compared] to what is happening with the stock market.”

Despite an optimistic outlook, the former governor told Neil Cavuto that it does take some time before Americans feel the economy is getting better.

“There is a time delay and how do people feel it… just the other day, we finally started getting reports that wages are starting to go up. Not a surprise when you’re approaching full employment. But will people feel that? It is an issue.”

Dukakis also commented on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning New Hampshire and possibly becoming the nominee for the Democratic Party.

“I am skeptical of that,” he said. “Remember if the New Englander does not win New Hampshire, he is gone. I mean if I had lost New Hampshire my candidacy would have been over. And the same is true of anybody.”

On Donald Trump, Dukakis said:

“The guy [Trump] is kind of a clown. I always thought he was kind of a “Wizard of Oz” figure but would at some point collapse and I think he may be in the process of doing that.”

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