Mentoring and empowering women is critical to their success, says Trish Regan

Today is International Women’s Day, and it’s important to focus on what we can do as women to help empower other women.

You know, I think about my own mother. She started out as a reporter back in 1967 as a reporter at The Daily Telegraph in London.

And she said to me, they offered her a job on the women’s page, the fashion page, because that was the only thing you could do if you were a woman who got a job at The Daily Telegraph in London in 1967.

And obviously, we as women, have come so far from days like that. And it’s to my mom and women of her generation that we have to thank for all the opportunities they have provided us, but clearly women are still in a very challenging spot.

We’ve learned, certainly over the past couple of years how challenging, in fact, that has been at our own network, out in Hollywood, in tech companies.

I certainly want to know that my own daughters will be able to achieve whatever it is that they want, regardless of gender.

They should never experience harassment, or any kind of glass ceiling so to speak.  I think we’re getting there, but there’s a lot to do.