Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire Shares Best Career Advice

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The best career advice Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire ever got

Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire on the best advice he received when he began his career and what he has learned since then.

Soon after being named "The Best Chef in the World" by "Le Chef" Magazine, Pierre Gagnaire shares with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman the values that led to his illustrious career.

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Claman: First of all, congratulations! You have 13 restaurants and 13 Michelin stars, which means le top du top as they say in French. What was the most important thing you needed to do right off the bat as you started your business? The best advice you got?

Gagnaire: To be yourself. To work with your sensibility. And don’t look at the outside. During many, many years, I was never in another place, I was focused on my work. Today, it is difficult because there is Internet, it’s very easy to have the information. For the young chef, sometimes it’s…

Claman: It’s distracting!

Gagnaire: Yeah, because you must build slowly your style, like a musician.

Claman: Your first restaurant actually went bankrupt, so you did have to start from scratch. What did you do differently your second time around?

Gagnaire: I changed nothing!

Claman: Nothing?

Gagnaire: No, I moved to Paris … and Paris, you know, as they say “location, location, location.”  And when you have that, it’s not too bad if you have the touch.

Claman: So you found the people that would appreciate your incredible food. Good luck to you, thank you so much.

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