Martha Stewart’s ‘American Made’ Promotes Entrepreneurial Spirit

Although many products Americans use come from all over the world, at least one program is helping to promote small businesses in the United States.

From farmers looking to create a dairy resurgence in Maine to mango growers in Florida, Martha Stewart’s “American Made” program’s goal is to help give American entrepreneurs an opportunity to achieve success.

“American Made locates makers, it supports the creativity and it really gives a marketplace for all these wonderful products that they’re making- the handmade, the homemade- and so it’s where I think merchandising is headed,” Stewart explained to FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

She added, “We choose nine makers and audience pick chooses the tenth. It’s been very exciting this year. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of votes for the makers… it pretty much has to do a lot with food production this year… about entrepreneurial food production and sustainably grown things.”

In addition to a food, the program includes other awards categories such as crafts, design and style.

Stewart said large retailers need to help small business makers as well.

“They’re [small businesses] using technology, most of them,” she said. “They now have a marketplace- we have an American Made store on eBay that people are going to buy gifts to buy things for their home. These makers need a marketplace. They need support from American retail. The big stores should be supporting these entrepreneurial makers because they are the makers of tomorrow.”