Mark Cuban: Trump's Democrat deal on Harvey, debt was really smart

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban applauded President Trump for making a deal with Democrats on Hurricane Harvey relief and the debt ceiling.

“It’s pure classic Donald Trump. I thought it was really smart,” Cuban told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto during an exclusive interview on Cavuto: Coast to Coast on Thursday. “The thing about being a salesperson like President Trump is, you want to keep deals alive. The biggest fear a salesperson has is that a deal would die and so working with somebody, even if it’s for a short term, even if it’s with the Democrats keeps the deal alive.”

Even though the Dallas Mavericks owner has been one of Trump’s biggest critics, in his opinion, this is a “first step” in doing something “for the people.”

“I think he’s being who the people elected him to be. He’s being a non-politician, he’s not a traditional Republican. He hasn’t been a Republican all his life. He’s a dealmaker and that’s why he got elected. And so he’s trying to get deals done without playing partisan politics,” he said.

Cuban also weighed in on President Trump’s push for a 15% corporate tax rate. While he believes the goal is right, Trump’s approach is all wrong.

“I think you have to go to corporate America and I think you have to be hands on… I think you go to corporate America, you just walk your way down the fortune 500s to start and say, ‘Look, corporate America CEOs, if I give you a tax cut, will you raise the wages of… the bottom 10% of your employees?’” he said. “If he does that, he’s going to get his base and he’s going to reach far beyond his base because it’s an American-wide problem.”

He also tiptoed around rumors for a 2020 presidential run.

“Being president is not my ultimate goal but look, the ultimate goal here truly is to increase wages. That’s been the mystery across the board.”