US Marine Corps details hefty bonus options for eligible members

Some members of the U.S. military could be eligible to receive a nice bonus in 2020.

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The Marine Corps detailed its bonus package for the coming fiscal year, which includes bonuses and kicker payments that could near $90,000 for eligible individuals, as first reported by the Marine Corps Times.

"Retaining our experienced and qualified Marines remains one of the Commandant's highest priorities,” the document read. “Achieving retention goals is vital for shaping and sustaining the Marine Corps' enlisted force.”

Available kickers include an early reenlistment kicker, an aviation maintenance kicker, an air traffic controller kicker and a squad leader “OpFor” kicker – only one can be claimed per Marine.

The early reenlistment kicker will be available for Marines who submit a 48-month reenlistment by Sept. 30. Approved people receive $8,000, in addition to other prospective bonus amounts.

A $20,000 kicker – in addition to other bonus amounts – is available to certain Marines who hold certain qualifications and reenlist for four years, agreeing to stay in an operational force unit for three.

The Air Traffic control offer can net Marines $20,000.

Meanwhile, other options – including for sergeants who move into cyber defense – can total nearly $90,000, as noted by the Marine Corps Times.

The U.S. Army is also offering bonuses and incentives to recruit and retain members. New recruits who sign up by the end of September are eligible for bonus amounts as high as $40,000, as reported by The service is reportedly looking to fill about 3,300 infantry positions during that timeframe.


Last week President Trump told reporters at the White House that he expected his July 4 “Salute to America” parade would lead to a “big spike” in military recruitment, as reported by multiple news outlets.

The military received a 2.6 percent pay bump this year under Trump. The fiscal 2020 defense budget bill aims for a 3.1 percent increase in pay.