Marco Rubio: We Have a 'Very Serious' Border and Immigration Problem

Republican Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio told FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto Tuesday that the U.S. has “very serious” immigration and border issues.

“The problem is this is -- border security is a very legitimate issue.  Illegal immigration is a very serious issue,” Rubio said during an appearance on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

“What happened in San Francisco [a woman murdered by an illegal immigrant] is a horrible tragedy and our heart goes out to that family,” noted Rubio.

He noted that that criminal responsible for that act had been deported on four separate occasions and each time snuck back in.

“And it is absolutely true that we have a border and illegal immigration issue that is very serious,” he said.  “I've talked about that repeatedly.  I have tried to pass bills to address it.  I will continue to work to try to address it.”

Rubio also responded to comments made by Donald Trump, another presidential hopeful. He thinks things Trump has said have allowed people that don't want to have a debate or talk about illegal immigration to be distracted from the real debate on hand.

“We have a broken legal immigration system and we have an illegal immigration problem that isn't just composed, by the way, of a porous border with Mexico,” states Rubio.

He continued saying “40% of illegal immigrants in this country are coming legally.  They are overstaying visas and we are not tracking them.  We have no idea who they are or where they are.  And I've said repeatedly that until we deal with that issue, we can't do anything else on immigration.”

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Another hot topic concerning Americans is the Iran nuclear talks. The deadline for a long-term agreement between major world powers (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) and Iran has reportedly been extended beyond Tuesday for another few days.

“I am concerned about the Iran deal,” says Rubio. “That's a matter of public record.  I believe that what the president's already said the deal is going to include is something I'm opposed to and where I think it's headed is even worse.”

Rubio says he has consistently spoken out publicly on various occasions about his concerns with their deal in Iran and noted, “I continue to be concerned about the direction this is taking because ultimately I'm convinced that John Kerry and Barack Obama want a deal worse than the Ayatollah in Iran does.”

As a result, Rubio said it puts the U.S. in a tenuous and disadvantaged negotiating posture.