NCAA March Madness 2019: How to keep your brackets alive

Americans are expected to bet a combined $8.5 billion on the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament this month, according to a new report, from the American Gaming Association.

Of the roughly 11,000 adults who participated in the survey, 29 percent favored Duke University's Blue Devils to win.

However one professional sports handicapper isn't afraid to buck the trend.

“I have Michigan State,” Kelly Stewart told FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell on Monday.

And Stewart said the action isn’t just limited to the winners and losers. In-game betting has become a larger component and is very popular in sports betting.

“There are so many things that in-game has changed and I think we’re seeing really, with the millennials especially, that younger demographic wants action all the time,” she said.

The 2019 tournament tips off on Tuesday and ends with the Final Four and championship game three week later. The brackets revealed on Selection Sunday showed Duke, Virginia, North Carolina and Gonzaga are this year’s No. 1 seeds. According to Stewart  there "many thing you can look into" in order to keep your brackets alive.

“You want to look at it from this perspective -- two [No 1.] seeds is all you really want to have at most in the Final Four,” she said.


Stewart also said to keep an eye on double-digit seeds.

“Anything higher than a double-digit seed, kind of keep them limited to the Sweet 16,” she said. “We know that these teams do have opportunities to get there. Maybe they’ll lead 8.  And we see a couple every year seem like they may get there, and they get beat in the Sweet 16. So definetly keep an eye on your bracket.”