Make Your Customers Your Biggest Fans


In today’s roundup, find out why VCs are taking a closer look at food startups, and learn the 10 lessons that Spanx founder Sara Blakely believes are the most important for success. Plus, find out how to make users your most valuable supporters from Pandora cofounder Tim Westergren.

Hungry for success: The New York Times reports that venture capitalists are turning their eye toward food startups, rather than more traditional tech concepts.

Lessons you won’t learn in the classroom: Spanx founder Sara Blakely talks to Forbes about the 10 important lessons you can’t learn in business school.

Turn customers into fans: Pandora cofounder Tim Westergren speaks to about how he was able to turn users of the streaming radio site into diehard fans – and why that transition is so important.

Make PR pay off: Public relations help can be a huge expense to a small business or startup. has tips for how to get the most out of the relationship, so you don’t waste a dime.