Majority of Small Businesses Say No to Crowdfunding

While the economy seems to be getting back on track, new entrepreneurs aren’t on such sure footing, according to one recent survey.

According to small-business insurance provider Hiscox’s latest DNA of an Entrepreneur report, 95% of respondents ages 30 to 39 say getting funding for a new business isn’t easy – an increase of 33 points since 2011. Hiscox surveyed 500 business owners across the U.S. for the report.

But despite the tight lending conditions, small-business owners say they aren’t looking for alternatives to traditional loans and funding options.

While sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdfunder have made crowdfunding a household term, the majority of business owners surveyed say they haven’t considered this route for funding. Ninety-two percent of men and 94% of women say that for them, alternative funding options are not on the table.

That said, many of the businesses surveyed by Hiscox were in more traditional industries in which crowdfunding isn’t seen as a viable option. Nearly a third of the businesses profiled were in business or professional services, while 19% were in building or construction.

Men Feel More Confident

Overall, male business owners seem more confident about their companies’ prospects than female respondents. Thirty-two percent of the men say they intend to hire new employees in the next twelve months, compared to only 15% of the female business owners.

And yet, male business owners report only 5% more revenue and customers than female business owners. This may suggest that the women surveyed are being more cautious about hiring and expansion than the men.