Made in America: Companies choosing quality over cost when manufacturing in the US

American-made products have higher cost but better quality: Tervis CEO

Tervis President and CEO Rogan Donelly on making products in America and the benefits of staying local.

Kicking off “Made in America” week, President Trump held a showcase Monday at the White House highlighting products made in the USA. Tervis President Rogan Donelly, who attended the showcase, told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “People were very excited, it was an honor to be among so many other great American-made companies and certainly exciting to represent our company, Tervis.”

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Though Donelly agreed it would be cheaper to manufacture the company’s water bottles and tumblers overseas, he said there were other benefits to making their products in the U.S.

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“In America you get the focus on your quality and also the rapid response time. So we really have a lot of control when we’re made in America versus going overseas. But absolutely, there’s certainly a lot of costs that you could save outside the U.S.”

When Varney asked if tax cuts were the biggest thing companies are looking for from Trump, Donelly responded, “Well, we’ll certainly take it, but we’re happy to have the focus on the made in America products.”

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