Looking for Someone in Boston? Google May be Able to Help

If you are trying to locate someone in Boston following the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) may be able to help. The company has deployed technology to help reconnect victims of the tragedy there with families and other loved ones looking to find them.

The search giant’s outreach wing, Google.org, set up a website called Person Finder that enables users to either enter information they have about someone or say that they are looking for someone. The page can be accessed at the following URL: http://google.org/personfinder/2013-boston-explosions/

The data are made available to first responders, news agencies, and so on in the hopes of disseminating it as widely as possible using Google’s immense scope.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company didn't provide specific information on how the system has worked in the past, but a spokesperson said it has been "helpful." A recent posting said that there were already 100 entries on the website.

The move comes after at least three explosions ripped across Boston on Monday at roughly 3:00 p.m. ET. They hit near the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon in a highly-populated area. At least two people were dead, and 23 injured, according to FOX News Channel.