LIQS puts a high-end twist to your typical cocktail shot

LIQS is attempting to change the social game with its high-end ready-made cocktail shots.

The company’s popular on-the-go premium spirits have become a fixture at bars, nightclubs, hotels, golf courses and music festivals, according to its co-founder Harley Bauer.

Bauer said the sector has seen about 40 percent growth since last year, mostly driven by consumers looking for convenience.

“It’s just something that they can bring,” Bauer said during a Friday interview on “Mornings with Maria.” “You know, [to] boat, beach, pool parties, social activities, outdoor gatherings.”

Michael Glickman, another one of LIQS co-founders, said their decision to get involved in the shot business was to fill the void in the portable cocktail market.

“We decided to do it in a shot format so you can enjoy LIQs either by shooting it, sipping it, or pouring it over ice,” he said.


LIQS, which is short for “liquor shots,” are sold across the country. Bauer said the company recently launched in Walmart. The shots are made with premium spirits and real fruit juice, he said.

“We have three vodka based flavors, a tequila and a whiskey…real fruit juice, all natural, low calorie, gluten free so it really resonates with the health-conscious consumer,” Bauer said.