LinkedIn’s top startups to work for, from software to cannabis firms

If you’ve ever wanted to work for a startup, you might want to head to Snowflake Computing, according to a new report.

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LinkedIn named the San Mateo, California- based software company as the hottest startup to work for in 2019 on its list of top 50, published Wednesday.

The list from the social networking site showed the top companies where Americans want to be working.

Following Snowflake, LinkedIn found that most Americans want to work at cannabis company Dosist, based in Los Angeles.

In third place in the ranking was operations technology company Samsara, based in San Francisco.

According to LinkedIn's Top 50 Hottest Startups, software company Snowflake Computing is the startup where most Americans want to be working, followed by cannabis company Dosist in second place and operations technology company Samsara.

In order to qualify, companies had to be 7 years old or younger with at least 50 employees. They also had to be privately owned and headquartered in the U.S.

In order to find the top 50 hottest startups, LinkedIn analyzed employee growth, jobseeker interest, engagement with the company and its employees and how well the companies attracted top talent, the social media site said in its report.


Here’s the full list of LinkedIn's 10 hottest startups to work for and what they do.

Snowflake Computing - Software company

Dosist - Cannabis company

Samsara - Operations technology company

DoorDash - Food delivery app

Brex - Financial services company

Good American - Apparel company

Robinhood - Financial services company

Peloton Interactive - Health, wellness and fitness company

Compass - Real estate

Nuro - Robotics company