Lewandowski to FBN: Michelle Fields Never Returned My Calls

The Trump campaign can return its focus to the race for the GOP presidential nomination, now with one less distraction.

On Thursday, Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for Donald Trump, was cleared of simple battery charges by Florida prosecutors. Police charged Lewandowski after reporter Michelle Fields, who at the time was with Breitbart News, accused him of grabbing her while she asked Donald Trump a question during an event in early March. Fields resigned her position following the incident.

Lewandowski, speaking to Blake Burman of the FOX Business Network, explained what happened that night in Florida and said he tried to get in touch with Fields.

“I picked up the phone and I called Michelle,” Lewandowski said. “I wanted to find out what happened because I didn’t know what happened because I never heard from her. To this day the campaign’s never heard from her. She never once called and said ‘hey, this took place. I’d like to go and resolve this issue. I don’t want to make this a story.’ None of that ever took place. But because I saw what the Twitter feed was saying, I said ‘jeez, let’s find out what’s going on.’”

The campaign manager said he turned over his phone records to the district attorney’s office in Florida in order to prove he made the calls that evening.

“I never heard back [from Fields],” Lewandowski said. “The [Trump] campaign never heard back. And I think what we could have done, if she didn’t want to become the story here, is have a private conversation saying ‘this is what I think occurred.’”

Lewandowski said he is relieved to have the charges dropped and very appreciative of Donald Trump’s support throughout the controversy.

“I want to thank Mr. Trump first and foremost for standing behind me and next to me and giving me the privilege of keeping my job here,” he said. “All of the other people in this race said I should be immediately fired, and Donald Trump stood next to me and said ‘I’m going to stand by him like I would the American people.’”