Lawyers develop mobile app for motorists 'driving while black' for advice; join growing field

Two lawyers in Portland, Oregon, plan to release "Driving While Black," a free mobile app that educates people on how to interact with police during traffic stops.

Mariann Hyland and Melvin Oden-Orr aim for a late December release.

It's the latest app aimed at helping people navigate their way through interactions with police. Three Georgia teenagers have created "Five-O," and American Civil Liberties Union affiliates in four states unveiled "Mobile Justice.

Despite its name, Oden-Orr says their app provides common sense advice to people of all races. The app also allows drivers to alert friends and family that they have been pulled over, and there's a recording function to document interaction with an officer.

Oden-Orr says it's all about making sure everyone involved in a traffic stop gets home alive.