KryoLife CEO Defends Cryotherapy After Death at Spa

KryoLife CEO Joanna Fryben spoke with FOX Business Network’s Ashley Webster about the reported benefits of cryotherapy that’s making it so popular and addressed the death of worker at a spa in Las Vegas that has raised questions about the relatively new spa treatment.

Fryben discussed the death of a 24-year-old woman in a cryotherapy chamber saying: “Our sincere condolences to the family of the young woman, however Kryolife is not even related or associated, except that we provide the same cryotherapy treatment.”

Fryben explained how to make the spa treatment safer. “It seems like this is a tragic negligence act,” she said. “The first safety point is you never, ever go into, take the treatment unattended or alone.”

Fryben also explained the reputed benefits of cryotherapy and being exposed to extreme cold that have made it such an in vogue trend.

“It is very cold, the temperatures are ranging from minus 184 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit.” She said you are in the chamber “for a minute and a half to three minutes, and you shouldn’t be in any longer than this.”

But Fryben stated, “That is the treatment, your body should be exposed to the cold temperatures as much as possible.”

“The treatment was designed to reduce inflammation and pain,” Fryben said, and “in Europe the treatment has been used for over twenty-five years….it is not a treatment which will heal itself, it is a supportive treatment for different medical fields.”