Kennedy on college cheating scandal: Many more ‘silver spooners’ will be arrested

Greedy, compromised, unethical, narcissistic dimwits have landed in hot gravy as federal investigators have uncovered the largest college admissions scandal in American history, and they're just getting warmed up.

Ego driven rich people can't stand the thought of having ordinary children, so with the help of Southern California college admissions "guru" William Singer, they have allegedy found a way to get their gently bred, mouth-breathing intellectual infants into good schools. To the tune of $25 million in bribes over 8 years.

Singer created what he reportedly called a "side door" into college by paying off division 1 coaches, placement test administrators and others to get below average dumdums into schools like Yale, USC and Wake Forest to name a few.

It's not just the competitive blowhards using cash bridges to squirrel their spawn to the next phase, their greed and academic tunnel vision was only one driver in a system rife with corruption. Just about every sector of society has bought Bernie's must-go-to-college snake oil, and this ridiculous myth that your adult life only has worth after 4 years of matriculation has latched on with alarming purchase.

So you make up some story about your kid's learning disability to get more time to take the A.C.T., and Singer pays the proctor who sits in with your thick headed boob and changes answers - or you just have some bright stooge take the test for you. *Then*, thanks to the systemically flawed Title IX, you find the schools with the most athletic scholarships to offer to women, because fake equality breeds corruption, and bribe a coach sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your uncoordinated meatsack a scholarship to a school they don't deserve to visit, let alone attend.

On top of all that, Singer was allegedly laundering money through a charitable foundation, so no one had to pay taxes on their bloody bribes and the whole thing was a big write-off.


Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin, two hollywood actresses who, along with their nauseating spawn have become the hateable poster children for the scam, have been arrested. There will be many more silver spooners in silver bracelets in the coming days and weeks, and if college is a joke getting kicked out for your parents shameless greed will be quite a punchline.