Judge to question man on slain wife's estate worth $6.42

A man charged with killing his wife is expected to face questioning from a Connecticut probate judge on why the slain woman's estate is worth only $6.42.

Richard Dabate (DAH'-bayt) had indicated in a document filed before the December 2015 death of 39-year-old Connie Dabate that the estate was worth about $77,000. He was removed as executor of the estate this year.

The victim's sister recently filed documents showing the new amount.

A hearing that was set for Wednesday has been postponed.

Dabate has pleaded not guilty to murder. He has told investigators a masked man shot his wife and tied him up.

But police say evidence including information from his wife's Fitbit activity tracker contradicts his story. They say the Fitbit shows she was moving around an hour after he said she was shot.