John Kelly understands MS-13: Long Island Sheriff

Suffolk County, New York Sheriff Vincent DeMarco, who is leading efforts to crackdown on violent street gang MS-13 in Long Island says General John Kelly has their back.

“General Kelly is a man of structure, discipline and he ran the southern command for the Marines,” DeMarco told Stuart Varney on FOX Business. “He understands what is going on with MS-13.”

Kelly who formerly served as Secretary of Homeland Security, was appointed by President Trump as White House chief of staff last Friday. In DeMarco’s opinion, he has the knowledge and experience to deal with MS-13.

“He understands what is going on with the heroin trade and human trafficking and smuggling because he worked closely with those countries along the southern border,” DeMarco said.

President Trump traveled to Suffolk County last Friday to meet with local law enforcement to discuss ways to fight MS-13 gang violence.