Joan Collins’ Wardrobe Hits the Auction Block

From Batman to Dynasty, items from award winning actress and Dame Joan Collins personal collection are hitting the auction block. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo she explained why she decided to put her wardrobe up for sale.

“When I finished on Dynasty I got rid of the great big house I had in Hollywood and everything went into storage -- that included all the dresses, hats, gloves and millions of things -- and so about a few months ago, I went through and I thought, I have so much stuff here, so many of these beautiful dresses, and wonderful pieces of jewelry… Why not let other people have a go at it,” she said.

Julien’s Auctions of Beverly Hills will handle the sale next week which includes glamourous items such as a red sharp-shoulder dress worn on Dynasty.

“I design a lot of my own clothes and a lot of them are in the auction -- because it was a scene in which I come in and I wanted to have a business-like look and be able to take it off and look kind-of seductive,” she said.

When asked what her biggest take away is from her successful career she said: “the fact that I guess I’ve been doing it for so long and have managed to sort of stay more or less relevant and more or less get offered work.”

Collins, who is 82 years old, also discussed the recent passing of her sister Jackie Collins. The best-selling author succumbed to breast cancer earlier this year.